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Photos of buildings we provided structural steel for

YODER STEEL CORPORATION is focused on estimating, budget preparation, fabrication and erection of structural steel frames in commercial, institutional and industrial applications. To achieve this process in the most competitive way possible, we utilize the most modern and innovative state-of-the-art technology and equipment.

We utilize computerized software programs unique to our industry in estimating and budgeting. We implement the use of in-house computerized detailing services using Design Data's SDS/2 3D modeling program with fully enhanced structural steel detailing capabilities. We use industry specific software programs designed to enhance the purchasing and material flow control requirements.

We utilize the latest state-of-the-art powered conveyor systems by Controlled Automation to process structural steel members through the automated 44" capacity HEM Saw for cutting all members to their respective lengths. We use a 2006 year model Controlled Automation DRL-336 three spindle drill line with laser guided length measuring device with which to automatically drill all holes in column shafts and beam sections. Eight stations of wire fed MIG welding operations are used for welding requirements throughout the fabrication process.

Types of Projects and Services

  • Office Buildings - Shopping Centers - Schools - Churches
  • Hospitals - Warehouses - Manufacturing - Auto Dealerships
  • Tilt Wall - Distribution Centers - Research & Development
  • Conventional single or multi-storied light and medium weight structures
  • Composite multi-storied structures with framing for heavier use loads
  • Tilt-wall fabricated structural steel systems with accessories
  • Architecturally exposed structural steel with special coatings
  • Mezzanine structural steel systems in new or existing buildings
  • Fabricated roof screen systems for concealing mechanical units
  • Fabricated vertical or horizontal bracing bolted or welded
  • Fabricated structural steel trusses of bolted or welded design
  • Fabricated spandrel frame systems for supporting brick veneer
  • Fabricators standard or special shop coated paint systems
  • Galvanized structural steel after fabrication processes
  • Standard and long-span bar joists and bridging
  • Deep long-span bar joists and joist girders
  • Standard galvanized metal form decks
  • Standard roof decks painted or galvanized
  • Composite metal floor decks with accessories
  • Composite electrified cellular metal floor decks