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Featured Project

Feature Project

Ridgeview One Loudoun Tech

  • General Contractor: Hubert Construction LLC
  • Two level structural steel frame with vertical wind bracing
  • Composite second floor framing with metal deck and shear studs
  • Excellent access to Virginia Rt. 7 east and west & Rt. 28 north and south
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    Thank you for visiting the PROJECTS section of our web site. Here you will find a series of projects with respective pictures that indicate the type of work our firm has produced over the past 24 years. We actively pursue a good variety of different types of projects and anticipate continued growth in this diversified and solid foundation. Additionally, we anticipate an expanded geographical base in which to serve even new customers.

    We serve many general contractor and developer customers on a repetitive basis and have built lasting relationships with teams of qualified people. We further select only qualified, committed and dependable subcontractors and suppliers to work with us and our customers. We believe each contracting entity must feel the same level of commitment and responsibility to providing timely and quality service as we expect of ourselves.

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