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Founded and dedicated in 1982 on the Christian principles of the written word of God, YODER STEEL CORPORATION continues to build relationships of lasting value. The owners of the company, after 24 years, continue strong involvement in the daily operations of the business, giving direction and leadership to its employees, empowering each one who will, to become an indispensable part of its structure and quality service.

We recognize that buildings are conceptualized, designed, planned, constructed and used, by people for people. Everything we do is about serving people in their needs related to the buildings in which they too will make their contribution to our culture and society. Our firm has the personnel, the knowledge, the commitment, the resource, the facility and the state of the art equipment to produce a structural steel framed building, into being the finished frame that will support the designed architectural intent of an owner's dream.

With the first quarter 2006 installation of the new Controlled Automation DRL-336 CNC three-spindle drill line, placed in tandem with our existing 44" HEM Saw, we anticipate not only a higher level of accuracy in our fabricated structural steel, but also a greatly enhanced production capability, enabling our firm to incrementally triple our current capacity, based on our current single work shift of five, eight-hour work days.

The possibility of adding a second work shift to our production is a very real possibility as we continue making improvements to our stream-lined and automated operation. In the, not so distant future, we expect to install a state-of-the-art cambering machine which will serve to, again, significantly enhance our production capabilities, plus, allow for greater cost control of the products we provide. All under one roof, our fabrication plant has the capacity to receive, store and process many hundreds of tons of structural steel ready for fabrication. With anticipation we look forward to each project and customer.